Final Phase of Works on Niš-ekspres Business Complex

June, 2015

On 24 June, Niš-ekspres symbolically marked the beginning of the final phase of works on its new business complex located on Čamurlija Road.
The ceremony was attended by the city authorities, local administration and public enterprise managers, Regional Chamber of Commerce representatives, Delta Holding vice-president and his associates and other numerous business partners.
Less than a year ago, on 4 August 2014, the corner stone for Niš-ekspress business complex was laid. Today, we are very close to reaching the goals defined then - we entered the final phase of works on 4,800 square meters of service halls; 1,500 square meter office building and 24,000 square meters of roads. In about a month, we will have more than 30,000 square meters of functional space with much better working conditions. This will help us prove our leading position in passenger transport in Serbia and in Europe.
It is important to emphasize that Niš-ekspres realized the project engaging its own potentials as well as the potentials of local companies and companies from the region