Passengers with Disabilities

In Serbia, the privileges of disabled persons in passenger transport are defined by the Law on Privileges in Domestic Passenger Transport of Persons With Disabilities.
According to the law, persons entitled to these privileges are blind persons, persons with dystrophy and similar muscular and neuromuscular disorders, persons with cerebral and infantile palsy and persons with MS residing on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. These categories of passengers can purchase tickets at special fares (75% of the regular fare). One adult accompanying the person with disabilities can travel free of charge.

A nnually, they can travel six times using this privilege (one travel implies service to and from the chosen destination). In order to exercise this privilege, both the passenger with disabilities and the person travelling as escort, must present a special travel document issued by any of the associations of people suffering from the mentioned diseases.

A According to the the Law on Basic Rights of Veterans, Military Invalids and Families of Killed Soldiers, military invalids travel free of charge. In order to exercise their right, they have to present a special travel document issued by the competent authority.