Code of Conduct

Driver Responsibilities

1. Safety and satisfaction of our customers are our primary concerns.
2. Every driver represents the company.
3. Drivers shall be polite to passengers, provide the necessary assistance and act in accordance with the scope of duties prescribed by the company.
4. Drivers shall give clear and detailed information to passengers in response to their questions.
5. Drivers shall not use alcohol or other stimulants while on duty.
6. Drivers shall not smoke or use a mobile phone while the bus/coach is in motion.

Our passengers can expect

1. A safe ride
2. A polite driver
3. A clean and comfortable vehicle

Our passengers should not expect our driver to:

1. Stop the bus/coach except at the defined bus /coach stops
2. Disregard the timetable because of passengers' individual requests
3. Accept the luggage without charging the luggage fare
4. Tolerate any inappropriate behaviour on the bus/coach